Senior Executive Mentoring

How many times have you asked the question “if only there was someone I could ask about this?”. Being a business owner or senior management can sometimes be a lonely place which is where Business Mentoring comes in. It is widely advised by a number of the largest businesses in the world that owners / senior executives are more productive if they are mentored during their career. This can be as easy as just scheduling ½ day per month to focus on your business away from the office and be able to discuss confidentially with a mentor what has happened both good and bad in the preceding month and what challenges lay ahead. Mentors can also be used to fill skill gaps as a business grows in providing strategic direction / advice to owners / senior executives.

The business gets a seasoned business professional on an NED basis to assist in ALL aspects of the business for up to 24 months on a funded period and longer if relationship is extended. The business may otherwise not be able to afford the services of this NED which would prevent it from reaching its full potential.

Adrian can advise / assist the company on setting company objectives which follow the SMART acronym. This is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound. Longer term objectives will also be set to form a 3-5 year plan to aid the strategic development of the business.

An experienced NED can aid management development through an internal mentoring process as well as identifying external training opportunities to ensure management have the skills to achieve the company objectives and understand the strategic goals.