Export Strategy & Development

Exporting is more than just having a customer outside of the UK. To be successful it requires a different way of doing business from sales to production to shipping to payment. There are a number of pitfalls but by using McCutcheon Management Consulting we will ensure that businesses are ready to ask the appropriate questions ensuring the process of exporting is made simple. We will give help on areas such as sales training, contract negotiation, robust pricing templates to capture hidden costs, advice of correct shipping terms and understanding their differences as well as selecting the best payment methods for the part of the world you are exporting too.

The business gets a seasoned business professional on an NED basis to assist in ALL aspects of the business for up to 24 months on a funded period and longer if relationship is extended. The business may otherwise not be able to afford the services of this NED which would prevent it from reaching its full potential.

Adrian can advise / assist the company on setting company objectives which follow the SMART acronym. This is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound. Longer term objectives will also be set to form a 3-5 year plan to aid the strategic development of the business.

An experienced NED can aid management development through an internal mentoring process as well as identifying external training opportunities to ensure management have the skills to achieve the company objectives and understand the strategic goals.